Classic Car Adventures

Check Out What Classic Car Adventures Offers and Oh, the Places You Could Go!

When Dave Hord and Warwick Patterson co-founded their Classic Car Adventures they were definitely taking the “road less traveled.” The road less traveled began with their own traveling mishap that while some would find dreadful they found exhilarating and inspirational.

According to the co-founders themselves, the idea for Classic Car Adventures was birthed while the two traveled the Nevada desert in a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. While in route, they found themselves in a freak summer snowstorm. The car’s windshield wipers were broken and hanging by a thread and as the driver Dave white knuckled the steering wheel in the face of mammoth cross winds, Warwick his co-pilot gripped tight to their road maps. It was then that they started to articulate what each other was thinking:

“Why wouldn’t other people think this is incredible?”

“Wouldn’t this have been great to do with friends?”

“How much better would this be if it was a whole mix of incredible cars?”

And baam – Classic Car Adventures was on the road to creation. Seven years later the wheels of progress are still rolling for this small, unique “special event” provider. “We like to think that Classic Car Adventures’ (CCA) are unique — you aren’t likely to find any other adventures exactly like ours,” said Patterson.

Still not sure what type of “wares” these fellows are pedaling? In its simplest form, Classic Car Adventures plan and organize road trips for classic car enthusiasts. As they self-describe on their website “Classic Car Adventures is a collective of car enthusiasts who share in the joy of driving – no membership fees or monthly meetings, all you need is a love of cars and a willingness to get together and drive them.”


Wondering how it all works? Classic Car Adventures offers two types of events – both three-day events and one-day events.

The one-day events are free to all – you just show and go. “When it comes to our free events, we welcome participants to show up in any vehicle of choice – we’d love it if they brought a classic, soon-to-be-classic or ‘retro car’ but honestly the one-day free events are all about sharing the love of classic cars with the public at large,” Hord explained.

More unique is CCA’s signature three-day events where participation is a bit more selective. Participant cars must be dated 1979 or earlier (based on the co-founders unofficial definition that the ‘best’ years of classic cars fall before the years of 1979.) If you sign up for a three-day event, CCA will handle all of the trip’s logistics from the hotel reservations to meals to the actual route planning and secret reveal.

“We keep the route of each of our three-day events a secret right up until we hand our drivers their route book at the event’s start,” Hord explained. It is safe to assume that the “secret reveal” is just another angle that adds to the “adventure” of the Classic Car Adventures driving tours.

Classic Car Adventures just does things differently. This isn’t your typical road tour. “Unlike the luxury classic car tours we have seen, our events are designed around having an adventure,” Patterson said. “We encourage our drivers to enjoy the road at their own pace, we don’t adhere to a strict time schedule, and we want them to drive as they normally would if they were on their own.”

Classic Car Adventures is also different in that it does not offer or provide a mechanic to travel with the group to help with repairs – -there is no enclosed trailer with a lift; no staff mechanic or tow truck. “Great stories come from roadside repairs that is one of our mottos!” No one is left in the dust, there is a sweep vehicle that offers extra seats – if the classic car is deemed “terminal” the sweep car can at least transport the driver to a spot where there is proper cell phone coverage!

Co-founders Hord and Patterson found through their own experience that led them to the establishment of Classic Car Adventures that moments of adventure are at many times what come from the unplanned. Their personal experience with their 1969 VW Beetle taught them that adventure finds its way through changing weather, vehicle breakdowns and things which are generally out of our control.

“We believe that maximum driving enjoyment is found through a sense of “adventure”. It our goal to bring amazing experiences through our unique event formats, our use of secret routes, great roads and friendly people,” Hord explained. “With CCA at the wheel, our drivers can literally sit back and enjoy the ride.”