Jay Chaikin

Jay Chaikin is a jack of all trades or better put, “Jay” of all trades. He is an accomplished woodworker, custom carpenter, antique collector, business man, entrepreneur, and television personality. If you’re looking for an expert in “repurposing,” Chaikin is your guy and for this reason we add him to our arsenal of Nation Aces.

Company / Workshop:
Reclaimed Relics / JC Woodworking / Battle Works Sportswear

Woodworker / Repurposer

History and the stories behind the objects I salvage

Just The Dirt:

Your life story in 5 sentences
When I was young, I was different. My gifts were criticized rather than recognized. I spent most of my youth trying to be what society deems “normal”, but then had a near death experience that changed that. After that experience, I began to care less about being “normal” and more about who I really was. Today I am recognized for my talents and have come to the realization that normal is only a setting on a washing machine. (While I may sound like I am rambling on, I want to clarify I am in no way suggesting that I am normal.)

The question you hate getting the most.
What religion are you? My answer is the same as Abe Lincoln’s — when I do good things, I feel good and when I do bad things, I feel bad….other than that, I try not to debate religion too much.

Who is your role model/Hero?
My role model is Richard Branson because he had ridiculous ideas that most people said would never work. When those people were right and it didn’t work, he quickly moved on to yet another “ridiculous” idea, never feeling defeated. After many unsuccessful ventures, well…..then came the Virgin Group (as in Virgin records, Virgin Airlines and 400 other slightly successful companies.). He once said, “there is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration”….which is exactly how and why we started all of our companies.

My hero is my wife because she is a person “who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage, bravery and self-sacrifice”.

What does the word “Work” mean to you?
Work is a sense of accomplishment….I was always taught to give 100% and do my absolute best whether I am shoveling horse s***, building something awesome or making a TV show.

New boots or new tires? Why?
New tires…..because the older boots get, the cooler they look and the better they feel!

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