Kevin Dunworth

Kevin Dunworth, owner of Loaded Gun Customs, is a bike builder with an affinity for café racers. Dunworth is revered for his ability to seamlessly blend the look of a vintage bike with state-of-the-art safety and performance. What fuels this Ace is his love of learning; his willingness to work hard; and a life-long love affair with the motorcycle.

Company / Workshop:
Loaded Gun Customs

Motorcycle builder/customizer


Just The Dirt:

Your life story in 5 sentences
I grew up in the beach town of Ocean City, Maryland, and due to my father’s interests, I was always around cars and motorcycles. I worked in bicycle/moped repair as well as in the sport fishing/marine industry as a half-decent mechanic and moved into sales and marketing where I spent time learning the “corporate ropes.” All the while, I was always building cars and motorcycles for myself and friends. In 2001, I saw the potential niche market for custom car/bike building. I quit my corporate job to pursue my motorsports passion … I have been broke ever since!

What are you most passionate about?
“Passion” is thrown around a lot these days, the easy answer would be motorcycles but really it’s the “process” or “learning” that I love. When you get to the “next level” in whatever you are doing and stop thinking about the life that everyone else expects you to live, you find “learning” to be a true drive to accomplish whatever goal it is you want to do. Every real “master” I have ever met or worked with has had that “passion” to learn. The medium that drives learning the most for me is the motorcycle.

The best advice you have ever received:
“It is ok to fail” — accepting and making peace with that advice is a different story.

Who is your role model/Hero?
I’ve got many I have learned from and look up to in the industry as well as people I very much admire. It is my Father’s diligence, perseverance, and plain old back-breaking hard work for his entire life that makes him one hell of a role model.

Every movie has a soundtrack. What songs would be in a movie about your life?
“40,000 Headmen” – Dave Mason; “Tree Top Flyer” – Stephen Stills – “Bank Robber” – The Clash; “Howlin’ at the Sun” – Lower Class Citizens; and during the movie credits I would end with “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” – any Bob Dylan version.

If you were on a deserted island, and could only bring 3 things, what would they be?
A fully-fueled helicopter, a satellite phone and a hotdog.

What does the word “Work” mean to you?
Keeping your head down, no calls, no outside distractions.