Rust an Dust


Owner and chief proprietor of Rust an Dust Jared Mark recounts his early and humble beginnings in the startup of his vintage finds business. It all began with a request for a Barbie doll for his fifth birthday and the rest is history.

“My love of old things came at a very early age, my father was a collector and was always taking me to antique shows, auctions and sales,” Mark explains. “When I asked for the Barbie doll on my birthday I received a vintage baseball glove and was enrolled in our town’s tee ball team instead.” From there, Mark was hooked – he never wanted to miss an auction or show with the hopes of finding more vintage baseball mitts.

Mark kept his love for vintage items alive while attending college and even into his first few years working in the mortgage business. “Four years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my passions and dreams by pursuing my own business. I couldn’t put on a suit anymore, regardless of how well I was paid, and do something I didn’t have a passion for.” Rust an Dust, a vintage finds company, was the result.


“Rust an Dust started with a simple idea – repurpose, reuse, recycle — why let it go to waste,” Mark explained. With the assistance of a couple part-time helpers, Mark collects, cleans, refurbishes and resells collectibles of all kinds. “I love bringing vintage items ‘back to life’ and in my business, you never know what you’re going to come across.”

When asked to describe his favorite “find” during his travels, Mark recounts the year-long persistence it took to convince a farmer to part with a chicken coup made entirely from 4 foot Mobil Oil signs, which included 5 rare white star signs from the 1930s. “Once we finally made the deal happen we had to deconstruct the coup ever so carefully and I was able to have a local collector who did neon work refurbish one for my dad’s 65th birthday present.”

In addition to Rust an Dust, Mark runs a part-time business called ORTER (retro spelled backwards) that specializes in making leather accessories. “It all circles back to that first vintage baseball glove – I love baseball mitts and with all of the cleaning, re-lacing, conditioning I have done with them over the years I learned to work with leather and to appreciate how well things were made back in the day.” To put it simply, Rust an Dust is a vintage treasure hunter’s chest of gold. Hear from Mark directly about his business and his passion for the uniqueness of each find and the story that accompanies it in the video below.