Analog Motorcycles


2015 was a very good year for Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles and Analog Motor Goods out of Gurnee, IL. As Analog’s owner, creator and builder, Tony capped off his 7th year in business with the christening of a new work space; a new gallery; a new home-base for his self-named “land of forgotten toys”.

“Although we work with all makes and models of motorcycles from BMW and BSA, to Yamaha and Zundapp, we specialize in the unloved orphans. The ‘land of forgotten toys’ is our asylum, the misfits are the residents and we are the surgeons,” Prust explained.

Prust brought a skill set from past careers, his vivid imagination, and a desire to create to the motorcycle world. “My approach to design is simple – lighten it up, clean it up and fire it up.”

The same could be said for his workshop design and aesthetic. The building’s stark but refined brick exterior hides the inner workings of this bustling workshop. Just open the front door and you will find yourself in the “pre-op” area. Customer bikes and donor bikes awaiting their “turn on the surgery table” are housed here.

From the front foyer a second set of doors hide the true workspace, a place where Prust says “the magic happens.” This immense space houses multiple bikes in various stages of customization and repair, a machining and tool area, a trophy wall and what Prust calls a “dirty room” (and it is not what you’re thinking) — a room where sandblasters, polishers, buffers and sanders are housed and operated.

This place goes beyond the traditional toolboxes and bike stands – it has a cool factor that is unparalleled.

Enough of the talk – instead of reading a description of this place I am sure you want to SEE the Analog Motorcycles workshop. Your wish is our command; here is your front-row seat, just click on the video below. You’re welcome.