Rust vs My Jeep: How I Easily Stopped Spreading Rust

Jar of Metal Rescue GEL for Jeep Rust Removal

Recently, while driving, I had a rock hit the front of my JEEP. The impact of the rock created a dent just deep enough to rip the paint off without really damaging the hood. Upon close inspection of the dime-sized spot of exposed metal, I decided to do what many of us do when it comes to immediately fixing a car problem before it gets out of hand — absolutely nothing.

How To Stop a Rust Spot

Even as a “trained rust professional,” who knows what rust loves best is to be left alone to corrode, I turned a blind eye. With the assistance of water, air and time, my lovely dime-sized spot started to fester and it started to bother me. While it was purely cosmetic and it would hit me at ridiculous moments like waiting for my kids in the school pick up line, my car started to feel junky and old.

So I decided it was time to “practice what I preach” and tackle my little spot of rust on my own. While Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL is sold at AutoZone, I am not the typical AutoZone customer. I am NOT a ‘car girl’. I might classify myself as doing little-to-none when it comes to working on my own car–I even take it in to be detailed instead of cleaning my car myself. But not this time – I was ready to show rust who is boss with the help of Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL of course.

How To Get Rid of Rust on a Jeep

Using a cup of water I ‘washed’ off the hood of my car. Next, I found a stencil brush in my house to apply Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL to the rusty spot. According to the label, Metal Rescue® GEL is safe on paint, which is good news because I ended up getting Metal Rescue® GEL on the paint in addition to the rust spot on the hood of my car. The top of the Metal Rescue® GEL bottle says ‘keep GEL from Drying, wrap after applying’. I went inside grabbed a piece of saran wrap and taped the saran wrap in place with masking tape. I left the car outside in the sun all day. By evening, I took the saran wrap off, grabbed my hose and just sprayed the front of my car. It looked 99% complete so I did the entire process again over night. Applied, wrapped in saran wrap, and then rinsed the gel off in the morning. The rust was removed from my car and I was pumped!

After removing the rust from the hood of my car with Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL, I now had a bare metal, I bought a stick of touch-up paint that matched my JEEP. Viola! Good as new.

Jeep Before and After Rust Removal

I would highly recommend using Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL for all of your on-the-spot rust removal needs. In particular, Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL is a perfect solution for removing rust spots from your car. Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL was safe, clean and easy to use.

1974 Chevy Nova Jack

“Thanks for such a great product. I used it for my jack from my 1974 Chevy Nova. I priced a new one (repo) and it was $80.00. You said that if it didn’t work you would give me my money back. Well no need to send any money back because it worked exactly as you said. It looks great. I sprayed the moving parts black and it looks as good as the original.” – Pete Hanscome

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Corvette Gauge Cluster Housing

“Picked Metal Rescue up at Corvettes at Carlisle. Stuff works great!!!!! It has saved a lot of original parts off my 63’ so far that were very, very rusted. Saving the parts saved me a lot of money! Hah, needless to say, it’s money well spent!” – Gary

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Chrysler Water Pump Rescued at Carlisle

“I was walking by with my rusty water pump housing and I thought I’d see if Metal Rescue would work. I gave the Metal Rescue team working at the booth my water pump housing….it was so rusty I regretted buying it. I didn’t know if sand blasting would save it. I stopped back (to the Metal Rescue booth) about 2 hours later and there was only a little rust left. Honestly, it is awesome. You really need the before pictures to appreciate it.” – Rick, a Metal Rescue fan since his conversion at the Carlisle Chrysler Show.

Engine Heads

“I’m a licensed wholesale auto dealer in Kansas, cash for clunkers snowed me under; thankfully it is over. It will allow me to get caught up on a bunch of items. The Metal Rescue worked terrific. Take a look at the before and after pics of the engine block. Thanks and happy motoring.” – Curly

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