How Metal Rescue friend Kristy Removed Unsightly Rust from her Bathroom Plumbing

If your bathroom is anything like that of our friend Kristy’s, a hot shower means your plumbing is bound to rust.  When putting the trashcan in front of your toilet can no longer take care of hiding your unsightly plumbing rust, check out how Kristy used Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL to spruce up her bathroom.

Removing Rust from Bathroom Plumbing

Kristy took matters into her own hands – she grabbed a pair of gloves and an old paint brush and applied Metal Rescue GEL to the toilet supply and shut off valve.  There was no need to worry if Metal Rescue GEL gets on the floor, because there are no harsh acids in any Workshop Hero product.  Metal Rescue GEL will not damage linoleum, marble, wood, etc.  If it spills on the floor, wipe it up and move on with your rust removal project.

After applying Metal Rescue GEL, Kristy wrapped the supply and shut off valve in plastic wrap.  Why?  The top of the Metal Rescue GEL jar says, ‘To Keep GEL from Drying, Wrap after Applying’.

Twelve hours later (after noticing that the GEL had turned yellow, a sign that the product is working,) Kristy removed the plastic wrap, wiped the Metal Rescue GEL off with a damp cloth and viola the rust was gone.  Using Metal Rescue GEL is that simple!  Check out Kristy’s before and after pictures to see the results for yourself.

Whether you are working on a fixer-upper, flipping a home, prepping your house to sell, or just giving your bathroom a little TLC, Metal Rescue GEL is your safer, cleaner and easier way to remove rust.

Craftsman Socket Reborn

I have to tell you I am just blown away by your Metal Rescue!!! I put a socket in it yesterday that was so badly rusted I could not read the size, who made it, or anything else on it. It was just totally COVERED in rust, so badly that I was going to just throw it and the rest of them away (but they were my dad’s and I just couldn’t part with them). I just thought of it a few minutes ago, and went to check on it. You could have knocked me over with a feather! The rust is GONE!! It is really GONE!! I can hardly believe it!

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Dad’s Old Golf Clubs

These old golf clubs were my dads. I found them in an old barn we had and thought I’d never clean them up without wrecking them with acids or other chemicals. I have to say I was amazed when they came this clean with Metal Rescue. I highly recommend this product for anything that you need de-rusted.  – Greg

To read entire testimonial download the pdf below: