What The GEL?


Unlike your nagging spouse, never let it be said that we at Workshop Hero™ don’t listen. You told us you wanted a rust remover that could be used on rusty items that can’t be soaked and we heard you loud and clear.

Say hello to Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL— or what we at Workshop Hero call your On-the-Spot rust remover! Our new GEL is formulated to cling to metal, making it ideal for use on spot rust, vertical surfaces, or rust in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, GEL’s highly adhesive formula allows for controlled application which eliminates waste and the risk of harming the surface area around the rust.

“Our Workshop Hero research and development team locked themselves in their lab and worked vigilantly to develop a gel-based rust remover that not only removes rust but does so without harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis or solvents,” said Dave Yancho, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The good news, they did it!”

Metal Rescue GEL is non-toxic; environmentally friendly; biodegradable and easy to use; there’s no scrubbing, dipping, wire brushing, and in contrast to Metal Rescue’s other formulations — no soaking.

“During our extensive testing of GEL we found one essential step to be the secret to its success: for optimal performance GEL must remain moist. Do not allow GEL to dry,” explained Yancho.

To drive that point home, we coined the phrase “Keep GEL from Dryin’ and Wrap After Applyin’” and developed the Metal Rescue GEL signature plastic wrap method. You will see it on our packaging and as part of the recommended steps for use. Once GEL has been applied, cover area with common household plastic wrap to protect GEL from air exposure. It is that simple!

Currently, GEL is available in a 17.64 ounce jar through select Home Depot stores and online at www.HomeDepot.com and we aren’t foolin’ when we say GEL will be available as of April 1, 2018, on the shelves of all US AutoZone stores!

Want to learn more about GEL?  Take a look at this 30-second video:

For more information about Metal Rescue visit www.workshophero.com.

Say “Sew” Long To Rust

We “stitched” together the details of this issue’s “rustemonial” from our customer Cathy who used Metal Rescue to remove rust from her antique sewing machine. Cathy was looking for a safe rust removal solution for her vintage item and in her own words, she said “Metal Rescue was just the ticket!”

Check out the before and after photos for the rest of the story.

I didn’t have a plastic container the right shape or depth to soak the entire sewing machine, so I soaked one end for about three hours then rotated and soaked the other end and it worked great! It did not harm the paint at all. Thanks for the great product!

Antique Lanterns Brought Back To Life

Here’s a rustemonial on the effectiveness of Metal Rescue® that comes from Melanie Loveland who has a real passion for antique kerosene lantern restoration. Melanie is a self-taught expert and has taken to sharing her lantern restoration experience on her own website at www.thelovelandlanterncollection.com.

Check out her before and after photos of just one of the many lanterns she has “brought back to life” using Metal Rescue. The take away is quick, painless, and compelling – Metal Rescue removes rust from iron and steel.  It is water-based, clean, safe, easy to use and it works.

“My passion is collecting and restoring antique/vintage German kerosene lanterns to save them from the junk pile.  After repeated tries at removing rust, which resulted in poor results, I searched for a more effective and safe way. Quite by accident, I discovered Metal Rescue and without it I would not have been able to even come close to the results that I achieved using it. Metal Rescue is the most valuable ‘weapon’ I have in my arsenal of restoration — it magically removes 80 to 100 years of rust in a very short time.”

We “Got” In The Zone

Some might call it bragging or self-promotion but we call it “doing you a favor” because Metal Rescue is now even easier to get your hands on – look for us in all U.S. AutoZone stores. Metal Rescue’s debut in the more than 5200 AutoZone stores is like coming home — our water-based rust remover is made for the AutoZone customer. With rust removal uses that run the gamut from automotive parts to motorcycle accessories to the tools in your workshop, Metal Rescue and AutoZone is a match made in heaven.

In addition to offering customers even easier access to Metal Rescue, AutoZone will debut Metal Rescue CONCENTRATE. With Metal Rescue CONCENTRATE you get the same benefits and the same brand promise, just in a smaller, more convenient size.