Concorso Bizarro Shines a Spotlight on the Crazy, the Tasteless, the Quirky


The Elegance at Hershey is an annual event (hosted in Hershey, Pennsylvania) that brings the finest of race cars and show-quality collector cars of the World War II era together for a weekend in celebration of the automobile. Words such as elegance – grandeur — luxury are spoken frequently by show attendees as they gaze upon cars from days gone by that were not only about performance, but also about artistic design and opulence. Look to the Elegance at Hershey to see cars that were not just about transportation; they were a statement.

And then there is the Concorso Bizarro (insert the sound of screeching breaks); these cars are making a statement of quite a different sort. Added to the Elegance at Hershey schedule just last year, this new event could be described as the antithesis of everything the Elegance at Hershey stands for.

The Concorso Bizarro was named to reflect those cars that are a part of the event. Words such as mechanical misfits – automotive abhorrences – just plain tacky are used even by the Concorso Bizarro website in description of itself. This is a showcase open to production cars like the Ford Pinto or Chevy Vega, one-off creations, and other motored misfits. With a tagline “If it’s strange, we want it,” you know you’re in for an eyeful.

“I fully appreciate and revere the great machines such as the Duesenbergs and Ferraris that grace our show fields, but for some reason I’ve always gravitated towards these weird and wacky cars” said Mark Lizewskie, a board member for Elegance at Hershey. “People may not say ‘Wow!’ when they view a Yugo, a Gremlin, or someone’s art car creation, but they certainly smile and chuckle”.

We shall say no more, when it comes to this event a picture is worth a thousand words.


Want to learn or see more? Visit the Concorso Bizzaro Facebook page or visit the Elegance at Hershey event website.

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