Don’t Let Rust “Toy” With Your Emotions – Remove Rust from Old Metal Toys and Bring Them Back to Life!

We often hear from customers about their success in using Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath/CONCENTRATE to remove rust from old metal toys. While some of them are collectors, more often I hear from someone who wants to bring a toy “back to life” because they are inspired by memories from their childhood.  Some customers use Metal Rescue to revive toys from their parents or even their grandparents era, while others actually are the parent or grandparent and they want to restore a toy from their youth to share with family.  Whatever the reason, the results speak for themselves.

Why Metal Rescue is Ideal for Removing Rust From Metal Toys

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is a water-based rust remover designed for iron and steel.  It is non-toxic, easy to use and easy to clean up and dispose of.  We like to say “Metal Rescue is safe on everything except rust,” because while it removes rust from metal it will not harm other materials that may be found on a vintage metal toy such as wood, glass, rubber, vinyl or plastic and it is safe enough you can put your hands in it.  There are a host of additional features and benefits that make Metal Rescue ideal for use when removing rust from vintage metal toys:

  • Non-toxic, contains no hazardous ingredients, biodegradable
  • Easy to use, clean up, and dispose of
  • Uses chelation technology to lift iron oxide (rust) from metal surface – no chemicals or acids
  • Does not etch or remove properties of the metal
  • Works on all levels of rust – light to heavy

How Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath Works

Metal Rescue removes rust with chelation technology — its rust removal ability is due to the chelation’s attraction to iron oxide (otherwise known as rust).  Chelation technology works by surrounding the iron oxide particles (during the bath or soak time) and lifting them from the metal surface. Use of chelation technology to lift iron oxide (rust) from the metal’s surface eliminates the use of chemicals or acids.  Metal Rescue removes rust and holds it in suspension of the liquid.

How To Remove Rust from a Metal Toy

Before starting the rust removal process, closely assess the metal toy with a critical eye.  Even with Metal Rescue’s safe, water-based formula there are some vintage metal toys that are not stable enough to tolerate the rust removal process.  Examples include toys with flaking or cracking surfaces, the age/pigment composition of paint, or chipping/deteriorating paint or coatings.  Exercise caution if the vintage toy exhibits any of these types of conditions and proceed with a “when in doubt, test it out” tactic.  If there is any question or concern regarding the stability or surface condition of the metal toy, test a small, unseen area before proceeding.

Special Considerations for Rust Removal from a Vintage Painted Metal Toy

It is important to note, that while Metal Rescue is safe on most paints, there are special considerations that apply when working with vintage painted toys:

  1. If a layer of rust has formed underneath the paint, some of the paint will be lost as Metal Rescue lifts the rust from the metal.
  2. Some paints (and inks) may use iron oxide pigment (usually orange or red).  Since Metal Rescue has been designed to remove iron oxide, it may dissolve the pigment in these types of paints.  Always test a small section or hidden area prior to use.
  3. Soaking any item too long in a liquid (whether it is Metal Rescue or even water), especially an old/vintage item, can loosen or damage the paint.
  4. For optimal results, check toy each hour while soaking and promptly remove once it has reached desired results.

Photo Proof of Metal Rescue’s Effectiveness in Removing Rust From Old Metal Toys

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words – so let these customer before and after photos do the talking.  Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is the clean, safe and easy way to remove rust from vintage metal toys and to take the work out of your workshop.