Finders keepers with Frank Fritz


They say “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and Frank Fritz has made a career out of proving that to be true. Fritz is co-host of HISTORY’s TV series American Pickers where he and Mike Wolfe hunt for treasures wherever the road takes them. Fritz has frequented musty attics, old garages, cobweb-laden barns and greasy garages, all in search of vintage “finds” for purchase and resale to collectors.

One of those collectors is Fritz himself – and one of his favorite collectibles is motorcycles. His love for the iron horse started when he was young, just like his love for picking. Fritz owns a personal collection of what he might call “cool, classic motorcycles” that totals more than 80, he even wrote a book on the topic.

What started as a childhood hobby collecting rocks and beer cans grew to include his current passions – old toys, oil cans, signs and motorcycles. “I’ve been into motorcycles since I was a little kid,” explained Fritz. “I started out on mini-bikes and then I went to dirt bikes and then to street bikes. I bought a low rider in 1979 when I was a sophomore in high school for $3999, the car I drove was only $200!”

Fritz has a resume in antique collection and restoration that is a mile long. He started collecting or what now has been coined “picking” in his early teens – it was his passion but it didn’t pay the bills. What did pay the bills for many years was his work as a fire and safety inspector and motorcycle safety instructor. It wasn’t until 2010 that Fritz left his inspector job and made the leap into television with the debut of American Pickers.


We have dubbed Fritz a Workshop Hero Nation ACE for many reasons – he walks the walk and talks the talk of vintage restoration and rust removal and at Workshop Hero that is a match made in heaven.

As with most ACEs and their passion, there is always more to the story than meets the eye. Fritz loves the thrill of the pick but the real treasure he says are the people he encounters while on the road. “The best part is meeting the people,” he said. “The finds are so much more interesting when they come with a history and a story.”

Workshop Hero™ teamed up with Fritz to serve as its spokesman because Fritz is no stranger to rust – he has seen first-hand the damage and loss that results from rust and corrosion. Fritz became a fan of the Workshop Hero™’s Metal Rescue® and Dry Coat™ after using the products in his own workshop.

“I used Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath on several items I picked while on the road with American Pickers—rusty toys, an oil can and a couple of motorcycle chrome fenders. I was blown away by how well it removed the rust while at the same time leaving the paint and finishes undisturbed. I was hooked.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and to you, Frank Fritz, we at the Workshop Hero Nation salute you!