Remove Rust With Metal Rescue

What is Metal Rescue?

Metal Rescue® provides your clean, safe, easy rust solutions. We create non-toxic, environmentally safe products to solve all your rust removal and rust prevention needs.

The Metal Rescue® Bath is a reusable bath made for soaking metal to remove rust.

Our Gel is perfect for applying to anything that needs rust removal – just apply the Gel and wrap it up! Plus, it clings to places that you might have trouble soaking.

Once your rust is gone, spray on the Dry Coat Rust Preventative to protect your parts for up to one year from corrosion.






Dry Coat

Become a Workshop Hero, and remove rust from:

Know of a workshop doing too much “work” to remove rust?

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Take the “Work” Out of Your Workshop with Metal Rescue®

Soak in the Bath, or Paint on the Gel to remove rust. Apply Dry Coat to prevent rust from coming back.

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