The Unique Artistry of Makoto Endo

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you our very own Workshop Hero Nation Station. No need to grab the remote or to check your local listings, we have got you covered with a hand chosen “video du jour.”

At Workshop Hero we marvel at the unique talents that we come across during our travels at road shows and swap meets. One such talent is the art of Makoto Endo. Endo, born in Japan, is a painter whose primary subject is motorcycles. But he isn’t just any painter, Endo uses a one-of-a-kind technique to create his master pieces—he flings Indian ink on canvas using chopsticks. No paint brushes or other traditional painting tools are in his paint box—Endo sticks to his chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks chosen for their strength and flexibility, to be exact.

Words can’t do justice to his artistry, but the video below takes a stab at it.

Check it out: