Workshop Hero is the consumer brand of Armor Protective Packaging.  ARMOR provides rust prevention and rust removal products to industrial companies and has been doing so for 40 years.  ARMOR devoted resources and focus to ensure its products were “green” and “sustainable” long before these buzzwords were trendy.  That commitment extends to the Workshop Hero product line–Workshop Hero provides consumer products that are clean, safe, easy to use and that offer environmental and economic benefits designed to protect public health, welfare and the environment over each product’s full commercial life cycle.

Sustainability and the Key R’s of Sustainable Rust Removal and Prevention

By the most popular definition (traced to a 1987 UN conference), sustainability is defined as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As applied to rust removal and prevention, sustainability means reducing the negative impact on the environment while offering customers eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable products, thereby using less energy in manufacturing and shipping.

Customers large and small are becoming increasingly more aware of their impact on the environment and future generations. Fueled by Wal-Mart’s “packaging scorecard”, companies are implementing sustainable strategies that impact their s supplier’s packaging and corrosion prevention decisions. In fact, while the primary and initial goals may have been to preserve the environment and future generations, upon close inspection, many of the key R’s of sustainability and “greening” are actually costs savings as well.

Workshop Hero Helps Customers To Improve Their Sustainability By…

  • Manufacturing safe, eco-friendly, and recyclable products
  • Offering reusable rust removal and rust preventative products that also offer an extended storage shelf life
  • Analyzing, evaluating and recommending to customers the most effective solution to remove and/or prevent rust

Workshop Hero’s Key R’s of Sustainable Rust Removal and Prevention include:

Reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals

  • Harmful or corrosive acid-based rust removers are hazardous to both the environment and people
  • Other solvent-based rust preventative liquids pose health concerns, disposal issues and associated costs
  • Workshop Hero products do not contain oils, solvents, VOCs, harsh acids or any harmful chemicals

Remove rust in a cleaner, safer and easier manner

  • Metal Rescue GEL is safer than other gel-based rust removers; contains no phosphoric acids
  • Apply only where needed– eliminates waste and saves money
  • Controlled application eliminates risk of harming area around the rust
  • Salvaging a part from rust versus scrapping it reduces energy usage, greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint
  • Other rust removal methods such as acid baths are harmful to the environment and to the person working with the acid

Revenue is obviously important — products should bring economic benefit

  • Workshop Hero products are cost effective—compared to the total cost of acid baths and the protective measures required during their use, or the application of rust preventative oils and eventually the removal of those same oils and waste water disposal costs – Workshop Hero products are often a significant cost savings.

Reading (education) is important to identify responsible solutions

  • Workshop Hero/ARMOR staff track and remain informed on the latest trends and technologies in sustainable and green packaging through programs such as Michigan State University’s School of Packaging Sustainable Packaging Forum
  • Continued education through research and organizations such as NACE (Association of Corrosion Engineers) help to guide in our product development to create even greener and more sustainable solutions for corrosion