Ron Finch – Michigan

Workshop Hero Ace Ron Finch gave us a full video/photographic tour of his Michigan home-based workshop and studio. Finch, known for his custom motorcycle designs and unique metal fabrication, is equally known for his wildly-colored painting and artistic side. You won’t find your typical toolbox and wrenches here, this workshop/studio offers more to see than a small museum. Whether it be the neatly displayed array and disarray of collectibles found throughout the space, or the many steel sculptures, statues and other Ron Finch originals, seeing it is the only way you will believe it.


For the bike lover in you, keep your eyes peeled for sights such as “Loophole,” a Harley with exhaust pipes sticking every which way or for “Double Cross,” an award-winning, custom bike built from rare and spare parts and intricate metal fabrication.

We could go on and on describing Finch’s workspace, but at Workshop Hero our thought is to let the photos do the talking. You want to SEE a cool-ass-workshop with your own eyes, not just read about it. So, without further ado, check this out.