The rust removal solution for your auto body and automotive parts!

How to Remove Rust from the Body of Your Car or From Car Parts

Metal Rescue Rust Remover is ideal for automobile repair, restoration and for car owners who want to remove rust from their car’s exterior and engine parts. Available in two formulas – BATH and GEL – Metal Rescue is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, easy-to-use rust remover designed to remove rust from iron and steel.

What is Metal Rescue BATH?

Our automotive customers tell us of their success in soaking metal parts in our water-based Metal Rescue BATH. They love that it is acid-free, which means there is no need to wear gloves, no need to worry about fumes, no need to panic if it splashes or spills, and disposal is easy!  Metal Rescue BATH works to remove rust and restore antique and classic car parts to a like-new, rust-free condition.

What is Metal Rescue GEL?

Metal Rescue GEL is your on-the-spot rust remover and it is a miracle worker for removing spot rust from car doors, trunks, fenders, running boards, and hoods.  It is highly adhesive and unlike other gel-based rust removers, Metal Rescue GEL is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Need to remove spot rust from your car or vehicle?

Check out our hot tips for removing automotive spot rust

Remove rust from your car, truck, and car parts!

Use Metal Rescue Rust Remover on:

Small rust spots

Car underbody or car undercarriages

Rusty gas tanks

Rust on car body or truck body

Brake discs

Rust on car frames

Outside or inside of rusted hood or trunk

Exhaust pipes

Rusty engine parts made of iron or steel

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Take the “Work” Out of Your Workshop with Metal Rescue®


Metal Rescue is a non-toxic rust remover designed to remove rust from iron and steel.  Whether you choose the ready-to-use BATH; CONCENTRATE (simply add one gallon of water) or the adhesive GEL, Metal Rescue is clean, safe, easy to use and perfectly suited for the bicycle enthusiast determined to get their bike looking and running clean.

The entire line of Metal Rescue is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable; it removes rust without etching or removing properties of the metal; and once rust is removed the result is clean, bare metal ready for use or additional processing.

Equally as important, our bicycle customers find that Metal Rescue is true to its words “Safe on Everything Except Rust” as they use it to remove rust without disturbing paint, seals and other surface coatings.**

**Metal Rescue should not remove or harm paint coatings — with a few exceptions. See details in our FAQ section.

The Metal Rescue formula used (BATH or GEL) as well as the amount of rust present and the size of the rusty surface area all impact how much Metal Rescue will be needed.  One gallon of Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH will remove about ½ lb of pure rust or approximately 10 square feet of moderately rusted steel.  One jar of Metal Rescue GEL will cover approximately 230 square inches of surface area when applied correctly.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH is designed exclusively to be used as a bath or a soak.  To work effectively, Metal Rescue BATH must remain in constant contact with the metal you are trying to de-rust.  The use of other application methods such a spray or brush will not produce the desired results–Metal Rescue BATH will dry before rust removal is complete.   Metal Rescue GEL may be a better option.  GEL is highly adhesive and is ideal for use on spot rust on items that can’t be soaked or on rust in hard to reach areas.

For optimal results using Metal Rescue BATH, review the 3-Step How to Use Metal Rescue BATH instructions.

For optimal results using Metal Rescue  GEL, follow the How To Use Metal Rescue GEL instructions.


Before uisng Metal Rescue on metal car parts or accessories, pre-clean to remove items such as heavy greases, lubricants, and similar materials that could act as a barrier between Metal Rescue and the surface of the metal. This will speed up the rust removal process and extend the life of the Metal Rescue.

For optimal results using Metal Rescue BATH, review the 3-Step How to Use Metal Rescue BATH instructions.

For optimal results using Metal Rescue GEL, follow the How To Use Metal Rescue GEL instructions.

Before removing rust from painted metal, review this first:   Metal Rescue Rust Remover Vintage Painted Items Tip Sheet.

Metal Rescue does not harm the vast majority of paint coatings but if the surface of the metal has been compromised by flaking or cracking paint or paint that is chipping or deteriorating, it may not be suited for the rust removal process.

We strongly recommend when in doubt, test it out.”  Use Metal Rescue on a small, unseen area on the painted item before proceeding with your project.  Details outlined on the Tip Sheet will help to ensure that your experience in using Metal Rescue is clean, safe, easy and successful.  

Metal Rescue Rust Remover and Dry Coat Rust Preventative are available for purchase from retail stores including AutoZoneHome DepotCanadian Tire and others.  To find a location near to you, use our Find My Closest Store locator.

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